About us

About Us

Minterbrook Oyster companyMinterbrook Oyster is a company in transition from the past of plenteous oysters to a present and future market condition where Shellfish is scarce and supply cannot meet the world demand.  The Shellfish industry like many industries is now global.  As of 2013 and 2014 the demand in the world is far outweighing the local and global supply.  This imbalance creates challenges as well as opportunities which Minterbrook Oyster Co. looks forward to with anticipation.

Process Improvement is a core foundational block for the future of Minterbrook.  The new owner, Kent Kingman, has years of experience in ‘process improvement’ consulting, and now meshes his prior experience in business management and shellfish production with his passion for excellence as he leads the next generation of Minterbrook Oyster forward.

It is this process improvement focus that has led to the new Minter Sweet Select Oyster that came to the market in October 2013. It is the relentless focus of improvement in every aspect of the business that will make Minterbrook a World Class Shellfish Company, even in the face of shortages and global environment challenges associated with Ocean Acidification.

“We look at every challenge as a way to see how we can improve.  The customer should get the best experience possible, whether they are a wholesaler being supplied by Minterbrook, a person making a trip to our plant to buy our products, or the person eating our delicious shellfish.

“We believe that if our people are world class in their warmth, care, friendliness, customer focus, passion for quality and improvement; it will give us the foundation to reach that world class shellfish company vision.  It will take time but we will get there.

Most of our present holdings and future growth will be in Pierce County located in the Central Puget Sound area of Washington State.  Minterbrook has been a cornerstone company in the Key Peninsula and Gig Harbor area since 1932. As stewards of this amazing resource, “we look forward to the next 80 years of community integration and support. “We love the area that we live in, and thoroughly enjoy being a part of this special community:  Most of our employees living right here in the local community.

The Minterbrook plant is located in a park-like setting with a beautiful backdrop of the ever-changing tidelands of Minter Bay with Mt Rainier framed in the background.  With an amazing variety of wildlife all around (deer, eagles, salmon, seals and birds of all sorts); people love to come and enjoy the beauty of the setting besides taking home some of our excellent shellfish.

We welcome and look forward to serving our varied and interesting community of people that help make the Minterbrook experience unique and special, for hopefully the next 80 years.  The Kingman family and employees of Minterbrook appreciate all that the Wiksten family did to bring Minterbrook Oyster Company to where it is today with their stewardship of this unique place over the last 60 years. The Kingman family looks forward to the next 60 years with Minterbrook Oyster Co. being a cornerstone foundation within the community we are a part of.