Our Philosophy

philosophyOur family has lived on the shores of the Puget Sound since the mid 90’s. We count it a gift for us and all of the people of the Sound area to have that opportunity to have a place to live and work in such a scenic setting. It is a wonderful thing to have the opportunity to wake up in the morning and look out the window to the beauty and activity of the beach and waters of the sound.

We have a deep respect for our neighbors’ right to share in the enjoyment of the rich resource that we are stewards of. As we harvest this special resource for the benefit of people the world over, we also feel the responsibility of blending our aquaculture tideland activities with the needs of our waterfront owner neighbors. I have really enjoyed meeting many of our neighbors that live adjacent to our tidelands. As owner of Minterbrook Oyster Co, it is my personal goal is to blend the aquaculture world with the home and recreation world of our neighbors in close proximity to Minterbrook properties.

Additionally, I have tried to champion the cause that when I come in contact with people that they will feel as if their lives have been enhanced in some small way. As much as possible, I would like when we of the Minterbrook family have opportunity to interface with friends, coworkers, business vendors, customers, or neighbors that we would leave those we interfaced with feeling better for the interaction between us.

The present + the past does not = the future. This is a core philosophy of the Kingman’s. The future is what we make it. Understanding the present and learning from the past are powerful tools in preparation for the future. Many companies and industries sometimes are not innovative enough. The tendency to look at how things have always been, while useful to a degree, can stifle creative development and even lead to a company’s demise if the industry changes too much.
As we look at the Shellfish industry, we see an extremely bright future. We also see challenges that are difficult for our industry but hidden within these challenges are golden opportunities. Ocean Acidification is largely an uncontrollable challenge. Between ‘mother nature’ and ‘human nature’ the conditions of overly acidic water has resulted in greatly diminished oyster populations.
At the same time, the demand for oysters is higher than ever. Overbearing Government Regulations creates a burdensome challenge at times, but government involvement can also assist in protecting the high quality of our water so that Washington oysters are highly valued in the global marketplace. How we choose to look at things helps determine if the future outlook will be bright or gloomy.

Global wealth is shifting, and as it shifts, so shifts the supply/demand balance and future outlook for the shellfish industry. The two largest populations on the earth (India and China), along with other emerging economies are seeing a relative increase in the affluence of their peoples. As a result of improved financial conditions millions of people formerly not able to afford shellfish are now shifting their eating habits to the healthy protein based diet that shellfish provide. The far eastern Asian countries in particular love seafood (especially shellfish) as a protein source. This influx of new demand is putting huge pressure on shellfish supplies, threatening to be significantly destabilizing, unless we can creatively meet the challenges of the heightened demand.

The future is extremely bright and we intend to innovate, change, and grow with the global market. We intend to be part of the solution for the global protein shortage. We also intend to be part of the solution to our grossly out-of-balance foreign trade deficit, by helping bring back foreign dollars to American shores and by enhancing employment opportunity locally.

Transparency and excellent communication is a core value of ours. We will be striving for optimal communication all along the way as we tackle the market changes and prudently facilitate growth for the benefit of our customers as well as our community. Additionally, we appreciate the efforts of our community to help maintain a clean local environment, as water quality is our life blood. Without excellent water quality we won’t have excellent oysters.