Minter Sweet Select Oysters
Minterbrook Oysters fresh in jar
Minter Sweet Select Oysters
Minter Sweet Select Oysters
Minter Sweet Select
Minter Sweet Select


Minter Sweet Select
A very sweet and mild oyster that has a full cup: comes in round, oval, and tear drop shapes.  The shell is a hardened shell for long shelf life.  The meats are very full.  The taste is mild and sweet as a result of the fresh water influence and excellent feed in the water. The ‘Select’ oysters are the best of the best. They are chosen for their excellent presentation (shape and fullness). These oysters are hand farmed throughout the harvesting, sorting, and packing processes.  Every care has been taken to eliminate an oyster from being chipped or shipped with a gap that allows the oysters’ fluid to leak out.  After the oysters are sorted and graded, the oysters are placed in special trays. The trays are placed back in the salt water for a period of time allowing the oysters to regenerate any possible chips in the shell. This reintroduction to natural salt water after sorting and grading also minimizes the time out of the water prior to shipment. As order requests are filled, the trays are removed from the water and immediately packed in special packaging. This careful hand-farmed process helps ensure that the Minter Sweet Select oysters will arrive as fresh and strong as an oyster just picked up from a Minter Bay beach.

Minter Sweet
The Minter Sweet oyster is the same oyster as the ‘Select’ in meat quality, processing, and packaging.  The only difference is that the shape doesn’t meet the select standard.  It is the same high quality oyster in all other respects.  Every step of the way the Minter Sweet is processed with the same care to eliminate any chipping, with an eye to maximizing their life after they enter the shipping package.

Minter Sweet Ocean Pearls
This is a difficult oyster to find and we have very few of these, but they are available.  The Ocean Pearl is very small, being less than 2 ½ in length,” but has the beauty of their larger counterpart.  They are very tender and very sweet, and rival the Kumomoto oyster.

We have begun growing the Kumomoto oyster in our Rocky Bay site with excellent results.  The Kumo is very particular where it grows.  Kumomotos are prized by half-shell connoisseurs for their smooth texture and sweet fruity flavor. Our Kumos have deeply cupped and highly sculptured, fluted shells.

Willapa Bay and Misc. Puget Sound Oysters
We have a variety of other oysters we sell as our Pacific Oyster Extra Small and Small sizes.  Willapa Bay supplies approximately 25% of the U.S. oysters.  They are a very common staple and always provide a good quality oyster.

Olympia Oyster
Olympia oysters are native to the Puget Sound and are as big as a fifty cent piece. They have a sweet flavor and a coppery finish. Live Oysters are best eaten within a week of harvest. They are best kept alive by placing them in an open container in a refrigerator (34° – 45° F) and covering them with a clean wet towel to prevent them from drying out. Do not keep them in a bucket of sea water, in plastic bags or other air tight containers.

Shucked and Jar oysters
These oysters are in the small and medium sizes.  In jars sizes of 10oz, 16oz, 32oz, and 64oz.  They come from Willapa Bay and the waters of the Puget Sound.

Minter Sweet shucked oysters in the jar
This product will be available in the future.  The oysters are growing now in the Central Sound Bays that produce the sweetness of the Minter Sweet Oyster.  Processing will be different than existing processing today to maximize the life and quality of the oyster.  The focus for this product will be:

a) The amount of time from when the oyster leaves the bay water until it is put in the jar.

b) The gentleness and care of handling the oyster before it is placed into the jar.

c) We want the oyster to enter the jar alive and healthy.

d) Time from shucking to the customer is minimized.

e) High Quality packaging.

Manila Clams
Our Manila clams are grown in various areas within the Puget Sound.  Manilas are favored by chefs because of their sweetness, their ease of opening upon being steamed, their long shelf life, and their dramatically varied colorful shell patterns.

Our whole, cleaned geoduck is live and packaged to protect its flavor and texture. The neck meat has a deliciously mild flavor with the crisp “crunchy” texture of a cucumber. The body has a slightly milder, more subtle flavor. We specialize in farming the highest grades of geoduck sold. We have #1, #1 Smalls, and #2 grade geoduck available.