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About Minterbrook

Quick History

Minterbrook Oyster Company is deeply rooted in family and community. The Secor family started Minterbrook in 1932. In 1954 the Wiksten family purchased and ran the company for the next 58 years. In 2012 the Kingman family purchased Minterbrook and continued developing the company to the highly-esteemed shellfish supplier it is today.


About Us

When we bought Minterbrook in 2012, there was an explosion of oyster bars opening around the country and world. We sought to advance the company in a new direction to specialize in the production of the ‘single oyster’ and serve this newly evolving market. Our oysters are shipped every week around the country and globe including: LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Boston, New York, Taiwan, Guam, Hong Kong. You can find our oysters featured in restaurants such as Nobu, Sushi Samba, Ironside Fish & Oyster, and the Darden Restaurants group.


Meet the Kingman’s

Kent & Donna, married in 1993 and decided they wanted to settle into a community and teach their children the value and satisfaction of a hard work ethic. The Kingman’s have called the Key Peninsula their home since 1996. Once Garrett & Austin reached HS, Kent & Donna looked for a company close to home to purchase in order to spend more time with the kids and be able to watch the boys’ basketball careers. Kent & Donna previously traveled extensively around the country as consultants in their first years of marriage.


Garrett & Austin from a young age loved eating clams, and so the family decided to grow them on the beach in front of their home. Kent & the Boys would harvest on Fridays after school, clean and sort them the next morning, & then take them to Minterbrook to sell. One Saturday morning as Kent & the Boys brought their clams all cleaned and sorted to sell to Minterbrook, the Wiksten’s approached them expressing interest to sell the company to a locally rooted family. Kent & Donna were finally able to take their years of process improvement and  culture transition experience to build their own family’s business. Minterbrook has transformed into the one of the most prominent quality-focused oyster farms in the Pacific Northwest. 


Enjoy the fruits of our labor in our retail shop. Many people have been coming into Minterbrook’s retail shop for the last 60 years to get their fresh, local shellfish. Put 
Minterbrook Oyster Company into Google Maps for easy arrival to our retail location. 

Historical Gallery

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